San Diego Style Mexican Food in San Francisco

Hailing from Chula Vista, California- a sleepy suburb just south of the City of San Diego, and 4 miles north of Tijuana, Mexico, Andrew Alcantara, grew up eating a healthy mix of San Diego-style Mexican-American food: carne asada fries, hard-shell tacos, rolled tacos (taquitos), and California burritos. In 2011, a move to San Francisco left him homesick for the simple comfort food he loved and ate everyday.  As a result and in 2013, Fritas Shack was born.

Fritas Shack brings the taste of foods from Southern California taco shops but applies its own interpretation and use of different cooking techniques, ingredients, and flavors to create food that is familiar, yet different. Our offerings include Carne Asada Fries, California Burritos, Rolled tacos, TJ style tacos, and pretty much whatever makes us feel like we're back in a San Diego taco shop.

We hope to see you soon!


TUESDAYS @ Pop Up Cafe620 O'farrell St, San Francisco

FRIDAYS (select) @ Oakland First Fridays

SUNDAYS @ Stonestown Farmers Market, San Francisco

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