Vote for Fritas Shack!

Vote for Fritas Shack in the San Francisco Street Food Festival Local Forager Contest!

I hope you are all enjoying summer so far! The last 3 months since our launch has been incredible and thank you all for your continued support. We have several exciting opportunities coming up in the next few months with one in particular that we need your help with. 

San Francisco's Street Food Festival is hosting a Local Forager Contest for new and local food businesses. The top four businesses with the most votes gets a free booth and placement in the festival (which is impossible to get into). Last year's event hosted over 50,000 eaters so this is one opportunity we can't pass up.  Fritas Shack has submitted our entry (a little late- we were on vacation, oops) and we need your vote!

You do need a facebook account to submit your vote. A disclaimer pops up to have access to your "public profile" which can be alarming. But as long as you have your private profile set (which you should if you don't), don't worry about hitting OK and moving forward. Scroll down the list to find our Fritas Shack entry. Contest stops at 5pm on 7/19 so we have 3 days to reach about 200 votes. Impossible? Well lets see!

Please pass this onto your friends, share it on Facebook (I'm posting a message on there following this blog), and help spread the word to get our carne asade fries, taquitos and tortas at the SF Street Food Festival 2013!