Tents, permits, and blogging...

As I've been getting everything together for Fritas Shack there's been lots of questions from friends and family about it- are you opening a food truck? When are you gonna start selling? Do you have a website?

I should clarify a few things, Fritas Shack is a market vendor and caterer. We're putting together a really cool booth (tent) and we've got some locations and events that are lining up that we're excited about and of course, we'll be available for catering when we're not at the markets. Just today we were testing equipment and working on finalizing the layout of the tent- I can't wait until it's all filled out and Fritas Fries are flying out the booth.

Our launch will be soon and we're clearing some last hurdles with the City/County. We will make announcements when we can. As for the website, yeah we've got one! You're on it. We've been slowly rolling out the website and our social media accounts and activity will increase. For instance, i'll be blogging more in the next few weeks about other interesting things (well at least to me) besides news about Fritas Shack.